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Additional services


Operation Oversight Management

Though not a typical aircraft management, Jetsetter will continue to oversight your aircraft and your operation after it is introduced into service ensuring that your operation remains efficient and punctual.


The management may include the sale of charter flights and empty legs, in case of commercial operation, dealing with all the required services (subscription of navigation data base, for example), crew management and its credentials and licenses follow-up and training, ground handling services, scheduling and dispatch

Asset Management

A Business Jet may be resembled to a high-profile real estate property. Both are highly valuable assets that require periodical maintenance in order to maintain their value.


Typical Business Jets have a life cycle value requiring close monitoring in order to maximize its value and keep it in a prime condition.


Jetsetter is highly capable to provide this service; we will keep monitoring your aircraft market value, recommend certain actions in order to maintain its value and prominence and when the time comes, will recommend the preferred timing to remarket it.


When considering the operation of an aircraft you will face a considerable number of crucial decisions.  

Relaying on our deep market knowledge, we will point out the best aircraft type and preferred model year to best suit your needs and budget.  

Jetsetter will assist and recommend the most effective structure that will best suit the required operation. We will recommend the type of operation, private or commercial, continue with the best ownership structure and choose the preferred jurisdiction for the intended aircraft registry.

Crew Hiring

Enjoying a remarkably rich and diversified airline and corporate background we are always in contact with pilots and other aviation professionals. As part of its services, Jetsetter will recruit the right crew, manage their contracts and will recommend their employment structure. Also, we take care of tracking the crews' qualifications, training sessions and periodical medical checks.


We believe that a trained pilot is a safe pilot and always choose highly qualified aviation professionals for our clients.


As a well-experienced aviation advocate, Mr. Peleg has the advantage of preparing all the contractual paperwork, covering all the spectrum of business aircraft purchase and operation, including purchase agreement, financing, insurance, registration, crew and maintenance contracts, thus allow a complete in-house solution.

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