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Aircraft Acquisition


Purchasing an aircraft is not your everyday purchase and differs from all other purchases you might make in your life. Not only do you need to choose the proper aircraft, but you’ll need to register, insure and maintain the aircraft over its lifetime.
Navigating through the business aviation industry is not an easy task, especially not for a new prospective aircraft owner. Even experienced aircraft owners have difficulties navigating through regulations, operational and maintenance tasks.


Jetsetter is here to help you navigate, purchase and set up your jet, among other we will assist you with:

  • Providing realistic expectations

  • Providing a business plan

  • Market Research

  • Aircraft choice

  • Aircraft Purchase

  • Operational set-up:

    • Regulation

    • Maintenance

    • Insurance

    • Crew

Through years of experience and long-termed relationship we have in the industry, we will achieve the best deals for our clients.



Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting we try to fully understand our client’s need and provide him with detailed explanations on what it means to be an aircraft operator, explanations on the purchase process, an initial estimate on cost and our suggestion on what kind of aircraft you should purchase.


Market Research

If the client wishes to proceed with the purchase, Jetsetter will execute a profound market research to find you the right aircraft, whether it be new or pre-owned. Based on that aircraft an initial business plan will be build.


Decision Phase

During this meeting, Jetsetter presents to the client the aircrafts it has found and the different business plans possibilities. Aircraft and business plan choice are finalized. 


Finalize Purchase

After getting the final OK from our client, Jetsetter will represent the client through all steps for the purchase of an aircraft (financial consulting, inspections, regulations…).


Operation set up

After the signing of a purchase agreement, Jetsetter will register the aircraft, set up its operational crew and all you need to get flying.

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