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We'll set-up your jet


Specializing in business and corporate jets acquisitions, sales and management


Aircraft Acquisition

Acquisition of business jets is our core business and Jetsetter's main area of expertise.

Whether it’s a new or pre-owned aircraft, we will lead and manage the acquisition process guarantying that you will wind up with ownership of the finest example at the most competitive price.

In addition to management of high-end new models we are not discouraged from recommending older models when such an aircraft best suits the client's needs and budget.

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Airbus Helicopters 

Jetsetter is the exclusive authorized distributor of Airbus Helicopters (AH and ACH) in Israel.

Learn more about the Airbus Helicopter range.

In addition to being an exclusive Airbus Helicopters distributor, Jetsetter utilizes its aircraft transaction capabilities to support all your helicopter needs. We can assist with the purchase or sale of new or pre-owned helicopters of all makes and models.

Airbus Helicopters 
Additional services

Founder & chairman

Gal Peleg

Ownership of a private jet is no longer just a status symbol but rather a business tool and sometimes even a real necessity.  

Buying and selling a business jet requires very specific financial, taxation, aviation regulatory and operational knowledge. We at Jetsetter will be there with you, bringing to effect our market knowledge and intelligence, from choosing the right aircraft ,setting up the competent ownership structure to best support the chosen operation. Recommending the best nationality, and taking care of all aspects required to set your operation, from pilot recruitment, up and until choosing your fuel supplier.


Our ultimate focus is on our clients and their needs. We take pride in our ability to find the best solutions for our clients, frequently translating into a deal which is “the best value for money” .

I invite you to take a look at our website or contact us directly.

Gal Peleg
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