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Jetsetter is a company specializing in business and corporate aircraft acquisitions, sales and management.

The company was founded by Gal Peleg in order to provide dedicated services for owners and operators of business jets, Turboprops and Turbine powered helicopters.

As a totally independent company, our only obligation is to our customers: we do not represent any OEM, dealer or broker, thus our ultimate commitment is to achieve the best deal for our customers.


Gal Peleg - President and CEO

The founder of Jetsetter Gal Peleg breaths the global business aviation market. Enjoying 34 years of aviation experience Gal excels as a master transactionist. Mastering vast legal, commercial, technical and regulatory knowledge Gal activates this knowledge to the benefit of our clients.


An ex fighter pilot later transferring into an almost full airline pilot career Gal gained deep knowledge of in operations and maintenance.


Few years after starting a niche law firm specializing in aviation Gal founded Jetsetter dedicating his skills and expertise to the benefit of our clients.



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Eran Duvdevani - Operations Manager

Eran Duvdevani handles all operational tasks. An ex IDF Colonel Eran pursued his dream and became a business jet pilot gaining over 18 years of business aviation experience.


Specializing in operations, management, maintenance, crew training and handling, Eran combines his vast business jet operation experience with his management skills to the benefit of Jetsetter's clients.



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Dagan Bar Ilan - Managing Director

Dagan Bar Ilan brings to Jetsetter more than 20 years of experience in various finance

and business positions, in the military avionic and homeland security industry, worldwide.


As a CFO in a defense-industry company, Dagan gained vast knowledge and experience

and brings his financial, management and business skills and capabilities to the benefit of Jetsetter's clients.


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Racheli Cochi - Administrative Assistant


our Racheli Cochi brings to her role as administrative assistant charm, enthusiasm and efficiency. Racheli is our back office support and assistance.



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